Remote Interpreters (Skype, Zoom) Azerbaijan

1 Telephone translation at meetings in Goychay
Telephone translation at meetings in Goychay
P   1 year ago   Interpreters   Geoktschai
Interpreter services in Goychay, Azerbaijan. If the assignment requires, sometimes I also travel to neighboring cities. Telephone translation at meetings. Translation languages: Russian, English. I p...

23 ₼ per hour
165 ₼ per day

1 Interpreting via Skype and phone in Hirdalan
Interpreting via Skype and phone in Hirdalan
P   1 year ago   Interpreters   Khirdalan
Business translator for negotiations in the city of Hirdalan, Azerbaijan. I also attend nearby cities to provide my services. Interpreting via Skype and phone. Translation languages: Russian, Afrikaa...

20 ₼ per hour
145 ₼ per day

1 Translation of negotiations on Skype and phone in Aghdam
Translation of negotiations on Skype and phone in Aghdam
P   1 year ago   Interpreters   Ağdam
Interpreter in Agdam, Azerbaijan. Departure to neighboring cities or remote translation is possible. Translation of negotiations via Skype and phone. Translation languages: Azerbaijani, English. I car...

25 ₼ per hour
180 ₼ per day


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Remote Interpreters via Skype, Zoom - Azerbaijan

Remote Interpreters via Skype, Zoom - Azerbaijan

Today, thanks to advances in global technology, on-site interpreting is no longer the only option. By using remote interpreting, you will not be limited by your location. Nowadays, it is possible to book remote interpretation services at any time via real-time video conferencing. Here you can find and book remote interpreters in Azerbaijan for many language pairs: English, German, Spanish, Arabic, French, Russian Chinese, Italian and other languages. Remote interpreting has no limits and it does not matter if your event is online or offline. You can just connect the interpreter to your event to negotiate with your foreign business partners or to interpret highly complex conference topics.  It is however important that the quality of communications remains high.

The benefits of remote interpreting are low cost, high availability, flexibility, simplicity, and fast booking or cancellation process. Compared to traditional interpreting services, remote interpreters do not attend the event personally. Instead, they are joining the relevant negotiations, events, or conversations via audio or video channel and can translate the speech online. This allows interpreters to save time and travel expenses, which reduces the price of remote interpreting. Another factor that to reduce the cost of remote interpreting is that you do not need to order, transport, or install complex conference interpreting or IT equipment. In general, remote interpreting price in Azerbaijan might be twice cheaper than that of traditional interpretation. Depending on your needs, a remote interpretation can be performed by using simultaneous or consecutive interpretation. Remote interpreting is also known as VRI (Video Remote Interpreting), and it is much more effective compared to telephone interpreting. Remote interpreting is suitable for events of all small and large sizes. Mostly it is used for conferences, webinars, interviews, international negotiations, conferences, medical interpretation in hospitals, corporate meetings, shareholder meetings, etc.

Remote interpreting is a digital form of interpreting and is performed using Skype, Zoom, or any other type of video conferencing software using computers, tablets, or smartphones.  To ensure a smooth video conferencing process, it is important to make sure, that all technical requirements are met:

  • A computer, tablet, or a smartphone, along with a microphone.
  • A stable internet connection to transmit data and communication.
  • Installed Skype, Zoom or other video conferencing software
  • Secure and encrypted data transmission.
  • High-quality video, audio with preferably short loading times.